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We build, host and maintain city foundation websites. 

Our foundations average $50,000 per year in donations for their cities fire, police and other foundations. If you are looking to raise funds for your department, host information, advertise fundraisers, communicate completed campaigns and accept donations - we build a site to make that happen, for the life of your foundation. 

Your website becomes your home base to communicate vision and professionally of the organization your are looking to bolster. 

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Join other cities building a robust donor base!

Simple Plan

$250 down 

$100 a month

Unlimited edits 

Personalized Content

Your department. 

Your board members. 

Your campaigns. 

Community Support

Build momentum around your communities desire to support fire, police and more. 

Get in Touch

Websites developed and maintained by Jason Shields. No outsourcing or delegating. My focus is to personally offer you a simple and effective site that helps your department.  


Questions, concerns, ready to start? 

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